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Dile Adiós a las uñas manchadas

Say goodbye to stained nails

Say goodbye to stained nails. It is no secret that the prolonged use of enamels or varnishes with a high dose of pigments and without prior protection of the... Read more


Taking care of our feet throughout the year is essential, there is no debate. Not only for aesthetic reasons but also for health, a good pedicure and regular exfoliation can... Read more
Facial Detox

Detox Facial

Do you feel your face congested with the arrival of spring? One of the questions that you ask us most lately, in addition to maskné, is what to do about inflammation, redness, edema, ... Read more


White nails in winter, yes, because there are whites beyond the flattering intense and covering pigment of summer. We know them as “milky nails” and, their seasonal version, translucent ... Read more
Hidratación: la clave para una piel equilibrada

Hydration: the key to balanced skin

Hydration: the key to a balanced skin Maskné, redness, peeling, tightness ... who has not heard of any of these problems in recent months? As we have already commented in ... Read more

Facial Rollers

We see it recurrently in the RSS, among our friends, in the press and in advertising, but do we know what this highly demanded beauty tool is and what is it for? Solve ... Read more
Rodillos Faciales
BareNails & Raw Manicure

BareNails & Raw Manicure

Have you encountered nails that are dry, brittle or generally weakened when removing the permanent nail polish or gel? Do you want to show off manicured nails without excessive effort or not ... Read more

One product, many faces

Today we present our Ginger Mist Facial Mist: This product that adapts like a glove to a multitude of day-to-day situations, becoming an essential in any ... Read more
Un producto, muchos rostros
¡Ya tenemos nuestros nuevos Blends!

We already have our new Blends!

We have news on HMB! During the next few weeks we will progressively discover the incorporations that have arrived - and those that are yet to arrive - at HMB, innovating and growing in ... Read more

What do your hands say about you?

The appearance of our hands can give many clues about us, from our age to our work or type of leisure, as well as being a very interesting reflexological map if we dig deeper ... Read more
¿Qué dicen tus manos de ti?