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Non Toxic Nail Polish Color Cranberry - Handmade Beauty

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This sweet rose is loaded with liveliness, playfulness, and radiance for fun and friendly nails.

Size: 10 ml

The perfect dose of pigments in the formulation guarantees a covering effect.

Contains ingredients specifically designed to strengthen the resistance of the nail such as organic silicon.

How to use: apply 2 thin coats of product starting in the center of the nail, continuing from the base to the upper edge and ending on the sides. Wait a few minutes between layers to ensure proper drying of the product.


  • Before enamelling in color, apply a base or treatment appropriate to the type of nail to favor the fixation of the product and keep the nails protected.
  • To obtain a uniform, shiny and long-lasting finish, apply a coat of Top Coat at the end of the color glaze.

Enamel free. The formula does not contain any of the following harmful ingredients: Toluene, Camphor, DBP, Formaldehyde Resin and Formaldehyde.

Recommended for: all types of audiences, including people with allergies and intolerances or undergoing medical treatment (prior authorization) and pregnant women.

Easy Application

Gluten Free

Vegan product

Not tested on animals

Long duration

Customer Reviews

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Susana Ortega Dominguez

What peace of mind it gives to know that you are not putting chemicals on, for those who have doubts to be informed of what is happening in your body at 10 o'clock after painting your nails with any conventional lacquer ......
Here are some very yyyyy beautiful colors !!

Heidi sullivan
Great nail polish

Love this nail polish and the company is great to work with!