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Perfect Manicure Kit - Handmade Beauty

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Everything you need for your manicure and / or pedicure at home, or wherever you go. A complete Kit for you to live the HMB experience from anywhere. It includes: 

  • Bath / Blend for hands and feet. Choose the formula that best suits your needs and give your hands and feet a break with one of our exclusive blends of flowers, herbs, salts and essential oils. You only need warm water and 1 or 2 tablespoons of one of our blends to enjoy a bath: Antioxidant, Relaxing, Circulatory or Purifying. Which one do you prefer?
  • HMB File Kit. To polish and give the desired shape to your nails.
  • Cuticle remover. Our cuticle softener product to facilitate its removal or pushing.
  • Cuticle Oil with HMB Flowers. Our newest and most attractive product. A blend of argan, macadamia and almond oils, with heather flowers inside, to keep cuticles and nails hydrated, strong and repaired.
  • Naranjo stick. To push the cuticles or facilitate their removal.
  • Scrub & Mask. Our scrub and mask made from cucumber, macadamia and rice. Regenerate, soften and nourish your hands and feet with a single product.
  • Base. To choose between our Crystal, Water, Hardener or Straightener bases, depending on the type of nails to be covered.
  • 2 HMB colors. To choose from our wide range of shades.
  • Top Coat Sun Dry. Our brightest and most durable Top Coat. A plus of protection and duration in your essential mani-pedis.
  • Aloe Vera-based hand cream.
  • Measuring spoon. To apply the appropriate dose of product and avoid contamination of the same.
  • HMB toiletry bag. Our organic cotton toiletry bag, in which to store all the kit components.

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    Customer Reviews

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    Rosa Maria Gonzalez Anguita

    Perfect Manicure Kit - Handmade Beauty

    Perfect travel kit

    This kit is perfect to take on a trip. I love all the colors because I can easily combine them and it also comes with the hand cream to add the finishing touch to my manicure. I recommend it 100%