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BareNails & Raw Manicure

BareNails & Raw Manicure

Have you encountered nails that are dry, brittle or generally weakened when removing the permanent nail polish or gel? Do you want to show off manicured nails without excessive effort or not ... Read more

One product, many faces

Today we present our Ginger Mist Facial Mist: This product that adapts like a glove to a multitude of day-to-day situations, becoming an essential in any ... Read more
Un producto, muchos rostros
¡Ya tenemos nuestros nuevos Blends!

We already have our new Blends!

We have news on HMB! During the next few weeks we will progressively discover the incorporations that have arrived - and those that are yet to arrive - at HMB, innovating and growing in ... Read more

What do your hands say about you?

The appearance of our hands can give many clues about us, from our age to our work or type of leisure, as well as being a very interesting reflexological map if we dig deeper ... Read more
¿Qué dicen tus manos de ti?
Pedicura para deportistas

Pedicure for athletes

Today, from HMB, we want to put the spotlight on pedicure, that much-needed good for everyone and, how much more, for those of us who use our feet with ... Read more

Your perfect nude manicures

The enamels in light colors, in pastel pink, translucent white or vanilla tones, are a classic in terms of manicure that we do not want to do without. Natural colors ... Read more
Tus manicuras Nude perfectas
Raw Manicure a GO-GO

Raw Manicure to GO-GO

We know it: the duration of the enamelling in perfect condition matters to us. We want to show off wonderful nails without giving up how much we do with our hands throughout the day, and ... Read more

Superfoods in your cosmetics

At HandMade Beauty we love to investigate the different uses of the same ingredient, making the most of its possibilities and, in this article, we want to tell you about one of our favorites: the ... Read more
Superalimentos en tu cosmética
Sales más allá del uso culinario

You go beyond culinary use

Salt, that ingredient that gives flavor to life, that is not lacking in kitchens and that, from now on, you will also want to have in your bathroom. Although... Read more

All in One Balms by HandMade Beauty

Hello again, how are you this week? I hope it's great :) Do you remember that a couple of weeks ago we talked about beauty essentials that cannot ... Read more
All in One Balms de HandMade Beauty